25 June, 2009

Music Therapy this Sunday.... 2nd Session

This Sunday, June 28, I will be performing my second Music Therapy show at Cafe Komodo.

This week I will be focusing on stimulating the Sacral chakra (second chakra) which is located around the stomach and represented by the colour Orange.

On a Physical side, Orange is known to be beneficial by often helping in cases of anemia, arthritis, diabetes and congestion of any kind. It is often used to break up mucous (great for anyone with a winter cold!) constipation and even calcium deposits.

On a mental and emotional side, lifting depression and bringing self confidence back to those with low self esteem are 2 common attributes of this "freeing" colour. It is also known to inspire mental enlightenment and new ideas without limitation.

Please come to relax and enjoy some of my unique compositions at 3pm this Sunday. Every few weeks following this second performance I will be returning to focus on the other chakras, using their relative colours and live music therapy performances to compliment the mind, body and soul. Please join us at Cafe Komodo as we explore the seven chakras of the human body.