20 May, 2009

Welcome Video

Hi everyone!!!
Please check out my first video.... there will be many more on the way so please check back here soon. I am off on an adventure and I will be back in a few days to tell you all about it!

17 May, 2009

Music Therapy

As part of my solo tour I'll be giving a series of group music therapy performances at the Cafe Komodo here in Adelaide.

Music therapy is a form of complimentary medicine which also includes acupuncture, massage, yoga, aromatherapy and hypnosis as other examples. The goal of complimentary medicine is to balance the whole person - physically, mentally, and emotionally - while conventional medicine does its work. Music Therapy has helped to relieve physical and emotional symptoms, ease the side effects of conventional therapies, and improve quality of life.

In 2007 I began working and composing using my Music Therapy training in conjunction with a Massage Therapist, to create a very unique holistic healing center called “Healing With Harmony". I met with hundreds of clients and wrote individual, unique compositions for all of them.

Come and join me at Café Komodo at 3pm on Sunday afternoons to relax and enjoy some of these compositions and live performances.

Interested? Here are some links for further reading:
American Music Therapy Association
American Cancer Society on Music Therapy
Stanley Jordan (famous guitarist) and Music Therapy

16 May, 2009

First Post!

Ok, this is kind of a test to see what I'm capable of doing. This video is a short segment from the band's recent performance at the Fringe Festival in Adelaide.

Looks pretty good! I'll be posting many more soon to come..

14 May, 2009

Archived News from Old Web Site

  • 4/28/09 - The USA tour has been postponed. Look for a full announcement soon and new Australian shows to be posted.
  • 4/10/09 - The Aussie tour is over - it rocked!! Download a free mp3 from our final concert on the TOURS page.
  • 3/24/09 - New shows added to the Australin Tour!! New press review of Fringe Festival show posted on the Press page.
  • 3/10/09 - Australian "Warmth In The White" CD release event on 29 March in conjunction with the Mango Tree Festival - which will be headlined by the Jay Hoad Band!!
  • 1/12/09 - Jay returns for a brief US stopover between tours of South Asia. Come out and say hi to the band at Arena's on 1/17.
  • 12/11/08 - Jay is on solo tour right now in South Asia playing mostly at tropical resorts in South Thailand and will be finishing up in Bangkok. He's also using this time to create new material!
  • 11/12/08 - The Jay Hoad Band now has a Facebook page.
  • 11/10/08 - New slideshow of our recent NYC performance is posted on the Media page. Full size show is viewable right HERE
  • 11/7/08 - Only two more shows left in the US for 2008. As a special thanks, all band merchandise is on sale until 11/15 !
  • 10/6/08 - Bus Trip to NYC with the band! Jump on the bus Nov. 1 and party all night for our show with Fat Daddy Has Been Send us an email for full details and to reserve your spot now!
  • 9/21/08 - Our formal CD release event will be at Dogfish Head on October 11. Make plans to attend and get your signed copy!
  • 8/21/08 - Individual tracks from the Warmth In The White CD are now available for download at iTunes & Amazon.com
  • 8/14/08 - Jay has been selected as a *top 10* finalist for "Songwriter of the Year" by one of the major music industry groups down under, the Australian Songwriters Association
  • 8/1/08 - we were just selected to perform for the America's Cup of Polo, USA vs. Australia, with events in Washington DC on Sept. 19 & 20 and in New York City next May 8 & 9. Read more
  • 7/24/08 - Our CD is finally available for on-line purchase HERE
  • 7/10/08 - The CD has landed! It is in our hands and will be available for on line purchase soon - or get one now at a show!
  • 7/6/08 - It's trifecta week!! Check out the show schedule and see if you can hang with the band on Friday 7/11 as we give performances at three different venues in one night!
  • 6/18/08 - New flattering press on Jay and the Band is out today, just in time for opening night at the Rudder. See it HERE
  • 6/3/08 - Song lyrics from the debut CD have been posted on the Media page. Have a look and read the sweet poetry - decipher and disseminate Jay's creativity wide and far.
  • 6/2/08 - The band headed up to Wilmington today for a professional photo shoot by Jessica Bratton of Spark Magazine followed by a video shoot for the Spark Summer Music Series.
  • 5/21/08 - Milestone! The final studio mix of the band CD was finished up today and has been rushed to NY for mastering by the legendary Tim Starnes. Possible release concert soon...
  • 5/1/08 - The band has been selected to be the opening act for the Badfish concert at the Bottle & Cork on 7/29 >Get Tickets<
  • 4/22/08 - Hey everybody, the store is now open for business. Have a look at it here while we stock up on inventory.
  • 4/18/08 - posted: Slide Show of the band's performance at the Delaware Music Festival compiled from multiple press sources.
  • 4/16/08 - It's Jay's birthday!! Go congratulate him during his solo show at Espuma's. Note: official party 4/19 at Arena's.
  • 4/9/08 - Our performance at the Delaware Music Festival was a huge success! The Jay Hoad Band was selected to be the featured act at the Rusty Rudder this summer. See us every Wednesday night beginning 6/18. Dewey Beach party time!
  • 4/7/08 - Hello fans! The web site is live. Keep checking back for updates and additions while we ready the CD release.