19 March, 2015

New Album- Final Push!

As part of our campaign to raise funds to produce the new album, an article has been published in Weekend Notes by Haydn Radford, partially excerpted below. Click here to read the article at the source and please get involved!

Two of South Australia's finest and internationally known musicians, Chris Finnen and Jay Hoad have embarked on an exciting campaign seeking public support with a Pozible Crowdfunding Campaign so they can finish producing their latest album, "Off the Cuff".

For the Record:
Chris Finnen, one of Australia's most innovative guitarists is often referred to as a 'guitarist's guitarist', was inducted into the South Australian Music Hall in 1995, and the Blues Hall of Fame in New York, USA, in August 2013.

In 2005 Chris performed for the Dalai Lama and was a guest of the International Expo in Nagoya, Japan. He has performed on stage with some of the world's greatest guitarists and performers including, Buddy Guy, Bo Diddley, Eric Burdon, Roy Buchanan, Jimmy Witherspoon, Keb Mo, Bob Brozman, Johnny Copeland, The Holmes Brothers, and the list continues...

Jay Hoad is well know Internationally for his high-energy exotic sounds of blues, rock, reggae, island, Latin and Celtic music, whether playing solo or with other musicians. Over the last eight years Jay has toured the world performing his music in the Caribbean, South East Asia, India, Fiji, the United States and Australia and has been inspired by their music and cultures while touring. His performances create a host of exotic sounds from his assortment of guitars, didgeridoo, dulcimer, percussion and lap steel guitar.

During my interview with Jay and Chris I asked:

How did this album come about ?
Jay said, "John Edwards, a good friend of Chris's from his days in Darwin during the 80's, held a party at Goolwa to bring Chris and I and a couple of other musicians together. Chris and I hit it off on the night and we jammed together, and that is where the idea of us recording together, and "Off the Cuff" came into being.'

Later, in May 2014, John organised the memorable reunion performance when Chris and Jay performed at The Groove Garden at McLaren Vale. It was a sell-out show. During that gig they announced they would be recording a new album. There was immediate interest expressed by the crowd.

During a recent interview Jay said, "Spontaneity gives that creative edge to this album as we purposely didn't let each other hear the others songs before we got into the studio. We were constantly surprising each other as we were going along."

"Off the Cuff" has 15 tracks which are now in the final stages of recording and production. It is due for release in June 2015 if funding is successful (and possibly in early 2016 if not successful).

By pre-ordering the new album Off the Cuff through the Pozible Campaign, you actively support Chris and Jay in producing their album.

In conclusion:
Here is a wonderful opportunity to initiate an active role in helping two South Australian, independent musicians, Chris Finnen and Jay Hoad bring their album, Off the Cuff into being.