28 June, 2010

USA tour update

Having a fantastic time on the East Coast of America and making many new fans whilst performing heaps of solo shows as well as duo and trio shows with some of the U.S. Jay Hoad Band members; especially getting lots of assistance from my U.S. manager, Jim.
We're getting ready for our full band debut extravaganza a bit later this summer - stay tuned!

Press excerpt (edited) that accompanied this photo:
"...Jay is a most unusual musician as he plays a variety of instruments including guitar, lap steel Dulcimer, another lap steel on which his slide technique was superb, percussion, harmonica and an instrument native to his country, the didgeridoo. Keeping all that going while looping background parts and working a foot bass beat is just amazing. I heard him play with two members of his full band that he hooks up with when he’s in the States last Saturday at Davey Jones Locker Room. Jim Miller played trumpet and Dean Haemel played percussion. The full six-piece band includes these three plus full drums, sax and even a belly dancer. Jay will be playing all over the region in the next eight weeks so check jayhoadband.com or this paper for upcoming dates." (-the Coconut Times)

07 June, 2010

Skanky One Drop

Click below for a slide show of the debut performance of a cool summer reggae project inspired and fronted by Jay:

You can check out Jay and the band every Monday night this summer at the Nalu Surf Bar in Dewey Beach and a few other choice spots.

Update -- about the name (some definitions):
One drop, in Jamaican music, refers to a style of playing the drums where the snare drum and bass drum are only hit on the third beat in 4/4 time. Reggae is based on a rhythmic style characterized by accents on the off-beat, known as the skank. Skanking is a form of rhythmic dance performed to reggae or ska music, characterized by bending forward, raising the knees, and extending the hands.