20 May, 2013

New Album - Official Release!

The album is now available through our website and at the purchase links below (the only place you can buy the hardcopy CD!!) or through iTunes (digital download only). The artwork on the new album is insane and the CD includes a cool two-sided poster. Thanks again for your support everyone!

Download from iTunes!Buy the Album!


08 May, 2013

Second Free Download From the New Album

That makes two singles at our Triple J Page that are now available for free download, limited time only. Click below to get them!
The new single is "Ain't Gonna Get No Love From Me", which features me in a duet with Shalane Connors from Siskin River. If you like these tracks please remember to rate and review them on my Triple J Page; every bit of public support helps! The official LP release announcement is coming soon!

06 May, 2013

Sea & Vines Festival

Come out to McLaren Vale for a special performance by the Jay Hoad Band on June 10th. Click here for more info about the festival.